Our Philosophy

We are a nail salon with a clean conscience.  At The Water Room, we care. We care about your health. We care about the health of our employees. We care about our planet. And, while we can’t deny how great a fresh manicure makes us feel, what we really love is clean, healthy, natural nails. We do our research, and we only use nail salon products that are as nontoxic and clean as possible without sacrificing performance. We will never use a product on you that we wouldn’t use on ourselves, or our children. That is our promise.

Our Environment

We are committed to a fume-free nail salon for our customers and employees. By not offering Acrylic, SNS Powder, Dip Gel, conventional gel services, or even conventional nail polish, our air quality is much better than at other nail salons. Instead, we offer nontoxic manicures and pedicures for adults and children performed by our expert staff. We urge you to read the two-part article, Unvarnished, published by The New York Times a few years ago to see the difference between our nontoxic approach to nail care and traditional methods. The story examines the unsafe working conditions and potential health risks endured by those employed in conventional nail salons. It is not ok, and we’re here to set a new standard.

The Difference

Full transparency. It’s all about education and understanding. We have nothing to hide. In fact, The Water Room evolved from a design detail we’ve been calling the water room for years – meaning our technicians, products, and processes are in clear view in the center of our nail salon. One of our founders, Jessica Morse, has been committed to the research and sharing of findings related to nontoxic beauty and nail care since 2012.  This is not about jumping on the clean beauty bandwagon; it is the thoughtful creation and design of an experience that sets us apart from other average nail salons. Read more about our difference in Charleston Magazine and The Charleston City Paper.

Trusted Brands

All of our polishes are 8-free or better, meaning they are free of the five most hazardous ingredients commonly found in conventional nail polish: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Dibutyl Phthalate, and “T” (Google won’t let us use the real name of this ingredient on our site – yes we are serious). (Take a look at the “toxin list from Bare Beauty founder, Jessica Morse.) We also offer 8 and 9-free polishes, a nontoxic gel-alternative, and other unique products sourced for our signature services – all our nail salon products are expertly vetted, aka “Bare Beauty Approved.”  They are the cleanest available (as well as cruelty-free, gluten-free and vegan nail polishes).

Our Founders

The Water Room nail salon is an extension of Bare Beauty Blog which has become a nationally known resource for trusted recommendations on nontoxic beauty and lifestyle products. The Water Room co-founders Jessica Morse and Laura Pelzer are excited to share a vision that has been in the works for more than 4 years to make a high-quality, natural, personalized nail salon available to local residents and visitors. Their combined expertise across beauty and luxury brand development deliver a new and innovative company offering the highest quality nail salon services in a beautifully designed, comfortable setting, with a clean conscience around health and wellness.

Meet the Team